Chronicler Fenrir


Blue Jacket
Sep 4, 2015
Tallmadge, Ohio, US
Name: Chronicler Fenrir
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 6'02"
Weight: 183.7 lbs
Species: Human/Werewolf
Chronicler (Cloaked):



Chronicler (Werewolf):
Often deadpan, self-restrained, but snarky, Chronicler doesn't view things in life in a very positive way. Rather cynical about things, Chronicler happily carries a Hip flask alongside him for a quick drink to soothe his uneven temperament. However, when it comes to protecting the innocent lives of the locals, be it the elderly, sick, women, or children, he will not tolerate criminals who threaten their lives. Often times, when not actively serving the role of a hero, Chronicler is by himself in the wilderness, often keeping himself fed and healthy from the environment that surrounds him.
  • Steel longsword. Somewhat bent due to element exposure over the years, but still in a good condition for usage. He's working on replacing it with a more standard Greatsword type of two-handed weapon.
  • Steel bow with Steel arrow quiver. If a target is too far away for the longsword to reach, obviously.
  • Light Armor mastery, primarily using a set of leather armor with only small portions of it being made using ingots. He hates using outright Heavy Armor since the heavier built armors wear down his agility.
  • Silver and Steel gathering knives. When knowing he is a Werewolf, one would question why he has this specifically made with Silver of all things. However, Chronicler doesn't seem to have much usage for it; he already has a Steel gathering knife anyways.
  • Shadow Stealth. If Chronicler's body coloration blends in just enough with the darkness and surrounding terrain, he can appear to be nearly invisible to sight so long as he remains still. However, those with good hearing, smell, or other detection senses could still manage to notice Chronicler just fine.
  • Werewolf Form. Once a day at the rise of the Moon, Chronicler will regain his strength from the night before to be allowed to transform into his frenzied, Werewolf form. In this form, Chronicler loses access to the benefits of his weaponry or armor, but gains physical mass from those equipment into this form which increase his physical strength. He can maul opponents with his front claws and powerful jaws to quickly tear through weakly armored enemies, and by feasting on the bodies of fallen prey that are not Undead or Artificial (as in Non-Organic material) in nature, Chronicler can amplify the power of his attacks for a small duration for each feeding. Chronicler's Werewolf form can only last a maximum of two hours per moon rise, but can be cancelled and activated at will until said time runs out.
  • Cooking/Brewing. Chronicler has mastered knowledge on the surroundings of nature to know what is edible and what isn't, and as a result, Chronicler can sustain himself in the wilderness alone and even maintain an access to alcohol due to the types of plants he knows as to which to blend into such beverages.
A former member of a now slain group of Werewolves who worked in secret to slay demons, Chronicler is one of the few reminders that this secret group even exists. Only entering cities and towns when he has stuff he wishes to trade off to a merchant, Chronicler has a sense of nobility that will allow him to have the desire to fight for justice when truly necessary. Those who know more about his past, though, are uneasy in terms of trusting him. Werewolves are prone to vary on the individual, yes, but Chronicler has adapted to a lifestyle to where he could potentially end up attacking a fellow ally in his Werewolf form. While Chronicler argues that this will never be the case, Chronicler is at least very thankful that practically nobody truly knows who he even is due to his nature of living in the wilderness where nobody could possibly learn about him unless he appears in a town. Even then, however, he does not stay in civilization for very long unless he has a reason to.
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