Burn! For Everlasting Light!


Blue Jacket
Sep 3, 2015
The respawn menu
Loopy and I only. The Trilogy is complete. B|

Nova is out on his morning run before the sun rises. He and Eve had just brought back a bunch of scrap metal and other stuff from a lot the day before and he was figuring out what to do with it all.
Nova does a few martial arts exercises and swings at a tree stump a couple times before heading home.

"Good morning."
"Time to figure out what to do with all that scrap metal." Nova points out. ouo
"We can look through it and figure it out on the way." Nova suggests.

He starts pulling stuff off the cart. ouo
"Good. And I can make a crib for when we watch Gregia. I would just need a pillow or blanket." ouo
"I'll see if I can find some stuff to make a generator from. I miss electricity."

Nova starts separating the metal into two piles.
"Alright, I found enough material for the crib. Now, it's time for me to actually make it." Nova lifting some metal.
"Good idea. We'll have to clean it first, so I'll go find this talking plesiosaur Drago mentioned."

Nova starts heating up the metal and molding it.
"That's the one. Said his name was Gum or something like that."

Nova formed four legs and was working on the base of the crib.
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