Behind the Thorns [Sketch/Preview version]

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Sep 3, 2015
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So I've been working a little bit on my story of Behind the Thorns. I will use this thread to post pages of my story. I will not ink everything but I will try to darken it and add finer details. For now, I will only post the sketch and dialogue of the story until I am comfortable moving upwards to ink and use proper comic/manga style techniques. I'm getting the hang of it but it's kinda tough starting off! 

I will have periods where my story will come to a stop because I constantly brainstorm when it comes to Kire's story. Even now, I'm kinda pulling things out of my ass but heading towards the general direction I intend to go. It's not a perfect story but it's one I take a lot of pride in. It's about my baby (Kire Rebbel) and all the stuff I want to share with you guys. I hope you guys enjoy the first snippets of the comic and I intend to add more ad time goes on. It can also be a good reminder of how my art changes in comics over time.

Note: There are some objects that are obviously not drawn by me (Like the phone on page 4). Clip Studio Paint has a really nice feature where you can download objects and poses to use for your stories. I downloaded a ton of these objects but it's because I suck with backgrounds and objects in general. I need the extra help, truth be told. Having the object there gives me a better idea of how to actually draw it in the future. I'm not a great artist but I tend to try my hardest, even if it looks like poop. 

So without future setbacks, let me give you the first pages of Behind the Thorns - Chapter 1.

Deep within Hope City lies a man who holds all the information of its residents in the palm of his hands. Kire Rebbel, a hacker and self-proclaimed inventor, found himself in the jaws of a gang who run rampant within the city. In a desperate plea to save his own life, he was asked to prove his worth to the leader, a man who simply goes by the name Judas. His greatest gift became a curse that is now owned by Judas. The gang he thought that was composed of lowly street thugs ended up being a deeper rabbit hole than he imagined. A hidden market where the law cannot reach. A place where a name can kill a family. A realm where blood is a form of currency. It was a hub that opened Kire's eyes to how the city really worked. 

Please let me know if you cannot read what I wrote or if you are confused about the order! This is read like a traditional western comic. YOU CAN COMMENT/DISCUSS ON THIS THREAD.
So here are the first four pages. Please enjoy. I'll be working hard to add more and edit a few things around.




I finally made two more pages. Truth be told, I've had them for a while but I didn't post them because I was constantly editing what the speech bubbles said. I finally made up my mind and came up with this, tho', it's not entirely perfect. Either way, it's something, right?


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