:Asmirith: The Sacred Castle

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Feb 17, 2017
Intro: hello to all passerbyers of who seeks interest into a very unique form and very sophisticated brand of roleplay,this roleplay is a mixed light/dark oriented and it ranges to all ranges so new people with less experience are more than welcome in the comfort of The Asmirith Queendom we accept everyone past differences but heed for any drama will not be tolerated in our grounds if we see it or any slight sign of bullying those will be reported as well as banned from the Queendom,this is an entirely original Roleplay in the making so enjoy and feel free to add if anyone may wish to as well  this is not a kill zone we are a very peaceful and happy Queendom and everyone within it would be treated as if they were family.


Plot: Set a thousand years into the future harvested in the sky protected by enchantments and spells lays a castle made of pure crystal the ancient walls hold many mystery's and as wells as many values in honor,inside dwells a young queen who is slowing thriving on making peace with her siblings after a dark curse envaded thier land taking over thier pride as well as all they cherished leaving many suffering including the peasants ,kira the name of the queen who held boldness did not ever want to give up instead she grew persistent in trying to make her queendom a better place,as well with the urge to reunite with her sibling who were battling for power over one another and didn't get along,she vowed for them to be at peace and to end things in a truce forever making them all proceed to eternal happiness ,as well lifting the curse from laying down making thier hearts heavy with despair,bringing them hope and as well light once more.((please note this is a roleplay in the make ))

Rules: No Godmodding
            No fighting
            No copying others roleplay styles use your own characters and your own creations,be yourself don't jump in the band wagon.
             No Drama or Rumors  if any issues take it to private to yourselves and sort it out or tell either me or another  person in running.
              No bashing on others or thier roleplay styles many people work hard to make thier roleplays special and important.
              No bullying period I have bad mental health issues as well as have had bad experiences being abused and harassed in words and attacked on another site.
               Be patient do not rush roleplay posts the Queen (me) is disabled in real and has disabilities
if abiding to the rules please State I ,(your roleplay name)have agreed to the following as stated above  when you write your interest form of joining

Form Example: I,(roleplay name) wish to join the Queendom Of Asmirith and understand the rules abidded above and agree to be held under trial for two weeks or more pending my attitude towards not only the Queen but towards the people and her family as well,including in me having patience during the trial periods,and I have the rights and consent to bail or comply if I may wish at any moment if I deem this is not my sanctuary.
If interested into aiding to either run or join the queendom beside me please feel free to be excluded and agree to a small trial period for us to get to know you and make friends so noone is a stranger or left out.((tips really help too thanks!))
Seeking:all parts especially a person who loves to teach others roleplay
Play as your own character ,or ask to be given a special place.

Available characters: 

Family: Vetis Akira Mist(Taken)Thayer Broughton Scism(Vetis's fiancee)Shakina Adeiya Mist(Vetis's Daughter)Garion Conleth Mist(Vetis's Son)
 Cira   Alexina Juniper(Treys Fiancee) Trey Caleb Mist(The queens twin brother)
 Zylan  Willard Yule(Rebekah's Fiancee) (Rebekah Amira Mist(Their twin sister)
 Hedya  Winnie Luthier(Axels Fiancee)  Axel Travon Mist(Brother)
Poppy Isla Andries(Jinx's Fiancee)Jinx Dixon Mist(Brother) 
Vanessa Yoselin Scola(Raidens fiancee)Raiden Merten Mist(Brother)Jairo  Aldus Manning(Daniella's Fiancee)               Daniella Joya Mist(Sister) Klaus  Finian  Zeller(Akeilas fiancee) Akeila Jillene Mist( Sister)

Arnan (Male)
Kiva (Female)



Butler:Harrod (Male)

Cook/Castles personal chef:Cuan(Male)

Accepting Townsfolk,Peasants(Free to play characters)

This queendom is proudly Allianced to my sibling and outmost sweet friend Krillin.
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