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Sep 3, 2015
All major announcements regarding the state of the website will be posted here. This includes maintenance, new features, upgrades, forum progression, special events, etc.

To ensure effective communication, this thread will not be open for discussion. If you wish to discuss the changes or features, go to this thread: Suggestion Box.
Starting 10/13/23, the forum will be undergoing a site-wide maintenance. I am including general fixes in appearance, adding emojis and fixing errors and bugs. Once again, thank you for your patience as we progressed from MyBB to Xenforo. It was a huge leap and a learning curve, but I'm slightly more comfortable now. Unless MyBB finally decides to released a Responsive Theme (or 1.9), we will be sticking with Xenforo software for now.
We're at the tail end of the site-wide maintenance. The final steps are minor things such as adding emojis and working on the dark theme. Do try and notify me if I missed anything regarding the forum's overall appearance. This includes things that are hard to see or weird errors/glitches.

Starting 10/27/23, I'll be doing a refresher of the forum. This means that certain threads will be purged and deleted if not replaced or merged with existing threads. RPG threads will NOT be deleted. They all will simply be moved to the archives (which I'll condensed greatly).

Once again, thank you for your patience as I learned the ins and outs of Xenforo.
Dark Theme is nearly complete! You can checked the status of the Dark Theme now by clicking the icon next to your alerts. It'll switch to Light and Dark Core seamlessly without (hopefully) issues.
After several weeks (ermm... months), the theme is now complete. The Light and Dark Core should be functional without too much issues. The next step is bringing in more users into the forum and bring some life into this place. I'm aiming for a "relaunch" around Jan 2024!
Pushing the relaunch date to June 1st, 2024. Theme is complete and, thanks to @Panich, our logo is finished (different variations between Light Core and Dark Core). Thank you everyone for your tremendous patience!
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Changes: The entire RP section will be condensed and merged with the art section.
  • Cookie RP hasn't been active since 2019, that's nearly 5 years. All threads will be added to the Museum section.
  • RP activity have done down to absolute zero. Only RV is keeping the section afloat, and even its activity have dropped quite significantly. Things will change after relaunch once we get more members. I'll see throughout March if I'll reopened RV for further play, but things are looking bleak for the story.
  • It'll be stripped down to three sections: Creative Games, RPG Hangouts and RPG Museum. It'll now be under Art Garden.
Changes: I'll be implementing new discussion threads, including retooling certain threads. I'll be opening this place up to new members around June. I'm not sure if I want to merged Causal Hangouts and General Lounge together, but I'll see once I start to do some clean up.
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