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Among The Living? (Niki/Vii)


Blue Jacket
The sensation was... 


A prickling against the skin which caused an echoing quiver in ones core. 

It made one wish to curl ones limbs inwards. 

It was...  


It was cold.

Eyes fluttered open. Pupils expanding and contracting as the world around it came into focus. 

It was laying on its back, in a soft bed, the sides curving upwards to meet a glass arch above. The glass was damaged. Allowing the cold air in, and the gasses which had previously been filling the container out. Small slender hands reached up to press against the glass. Pushing at it until it slowly opened itself with a gentle whirring of gears, lifting up vertically, its hinges being somewhere below by the foot of the container. 

Reaching both hands up to grip at the sides of the container, it pulled itself up into a seated position and looked around...

Beyond the container was white room, in rather serious disrepair, panels were missing from the ceiling, halogen lights were shattered, and there were wires hanging out in several places. the room itself was in quite a disarrayed state, papers lay scattered on the desk, and floor, and all in all it seemed the room had be vacated in a hurry.

A second container, this one undamaged lay beside its own. Intrigued, it moved to investigate... 

Standing it looked down at itself, it had a plain white and grey leotard on its body. Nothing covered its feet. Taking a few minutes to balance itself. It stepped down out of the container. and winced. The floor was very cold...  

Forcing itself to ignore its discomfort, it moved over to the other container, inside was another, like it, but... different colored. 

Reaching out it tapped on the glass. When that drew no response. it went around the side and started to look for a seam between the curled sides and the arched class lid. It instead found a button, which once pressed, the lid slowly opened up, much the same as its own container lid had. 

A cloud of colored glass escaped the container, causing the child to momentarily feel woozy when inhaled. 

It swayed in place and then shook its head to clear it.

The container was open. The other one was stirring...


Blue Jacket
The other one’s fingers slightly moved. Then, its eyelids begun to twitch and eventually they opened. The eyes were violet colored, round and shiny. It stayed still though, staring at the other one looking down at it. It blinked, as if curious.
It slowly tried moving its arms, then legs. Once the child realized it could move, it grabbed the sides of the container to pull itself up.


Blue Jacket
The second also did the same. It touched the first one's hand with one of its own, then reached to the face. It was a nice feeling. It had no idea what that feeling was, but it liked it. It then retrieved its hand to look around the room. Then its eyes stopped at the half opening door at the further end. 


Blue Jacket
The first leaned into the others touch, liking it, it then watched as those brilliant eye darted before landing on something off away from it. Turning in the direction its companion was looking, it too noticed the door. Curious, it turned, abruptly loosing contact with the other. It froze, and looked back at the other, who was still sitting.

And then, almost instinctively, it held out its had again, palm up for the other to take.


Blue Jacket
The violet eyed child turned its head when the contact was suddenly broken. It then momentarily looked a bit confused when the other one held out a hand. Though, it soon understood the message and used one hand to hold on to the green-eyed child's hand.

It got up shakily, having trouble to keep balance for a while and had to use the other hand to hold the container so it wouldn't fall over. Then, it climbed out. One foot touched the floor and slightly retracted at the cold before really stepping down. Once it was firmly standing on its legs outside, it looked at its companion again. Its mouth opened and shut. It knew it was supposed to do something. But what?


Blue Jacket
The first child had no clue what the other was doing. It stared at it for a moment, and then, hand still firmly clasping the other's it turned to the door.

It knew that thing was called a door. It also knew words like Open, and Closed would go with it.

Open Door. It was an open door... well a little open. But mostly shut. A mostly shut door. 

It took several clumsy, wobbling steps towards the door, tugging its companion along behind it, before stopping, and after a moments deliberation, widening its stance, before continuing on... 


Blue Jacket
The second one followed in the same clumsy manner. It took them a while to eventually reached the door. The purple eyed child looked at the door and then reached out to touch it. It was hard, and also cold. It pushed, making the door open slightly. The door moved, making the squeaky sound due to lack of oiling.

Before them was a long corridor full of trashes and pieces of broken down paint. Everything was dusty. Dust was what its mind told it about the tiny things floating in the air, made visible by the bright sunlight coming through the window. Sun. Light.

Now more eager to explore, it released the other one's hand and moved over to the windows. Its eyes and mouth widened in amazement at the scene outside. Large and tall buildings everywhere. Houses was what came to mind when it saw them. Big and tall houses. They were all broken down and old, just like the room they were in before.


Blue Jacket
The first child stayed in the door watching the purple eyed one go and look out the window. It looked down at its bare feet.    At the dirty hallway, and finally, glanced back over its shoulder at the room, and its container. It had been soft in there... but not warm. No where was warm. Nowhere but the other child. They were warm. Their hand was warm...

Slowly, the first child wobbled over to stand behind the second. It reached a hand out, going for the others hand. But stopped as its hand entered the light. Sun... Light... 

It was warm...

Slowly, the child moved forward, so that it too was in the warm sunlight. It turned and looked at its companion. At how the light shined off the others white hair. It blinked, and turned away rubbing its eyes.

Sunlight made the other's hair too bright...