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Sep 4, 2015
Wherein Alzoru Ledura reviews and summarizes games.

1. Al must play (And preferrably beat) a game before talking about it.
2. You can request games for Al to play and talk about
3. Don't rush Al.

With that, let's start at with a recent one!


TLDR: Undertale is awesome

Summary: Long ago, humans waged war on monsters and forced them underground because they're assholes. A human fell into the underground and was adopted by the King and Queen of monsters and raised alongside their other child. One day the child began to die, and wished to see the flowers of his home village, but no one could take him there, so he died. His brother took his soul and took his body to the overground world, where he was attacked and badly damaged by humans. He made it back only to die from the injuries. The King, in his grief, declared that any human who fell into the underground would be killed and their soul absorbed so he could smash the barrier between worlds and wage all-out war on humanity, causing his wife to leave him in anger. He needed seven souls.

Six human souls later, you fall into the underground and are found by a kindly woman named Toriel who tries to stop you from going further in order to protect you. Have fun!


Story: This story has a lot of fun twists and great humor, and... at least THREE different endings!! Three! Three! THREEEE! 10/10

Graphics: Very reminiscent of an NES game, I love it! 9/10

Music: The guy who made this game? He does the music for Homestuck. 9/10

Characters: I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS GAME! Everyone is so cool and so... so... God, everyone is likeable... except for two people who you're Supposed to hate. 10/10

Problems: Ummm...? I can't think of any? Except for FUCKING METTATON! God I hate Mettaton. Though I think you're supposed to hate him? Also, Some attacks are stupid hard to dodge, some might even be impossible. Because of that, this game can be... frustrating...

Overall: 9.5 Undertale is Scary, Funny, Heartwarming, Tearjearking, and a WONDERFUL ride from start to finish. I HIGHLY recommend this game.

Notes: Have fun with Lesser Dog!
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Anything! Preferrably something I can do on an Emulator. Don't have a lot of money!
Yumme Nikki? Never heard of it!

Anyway, I'll post an older one for now:

Welcome to my review and Summary of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney! Spoilers to follow.

Our story begins exactly where it should: Phoenix's first case, wherein he defends his long-time friend Larry Butz from being tossed in jail. Witness Frank Sahwit (A petty burglar in disguise as a newspaper salesman) is the real culprit, having killed Larry's girlfriend who was apparently cheating on him (Poor Larry has a lot of girl trouble.) It's pretty simple and easy to get through and establishes Phoenix and Mia's relationship.

The next case is where we meet Maya Fey, Mia's lil sis... who gets put on trial for the murder of her sister. Obviously Maya didn't do it, and her motive for doing so is never established, so honestly this case should have fallen apart very quickly. But thanks to Redd White of Bluecorp, a blackmailing piece of crap, this trial is way more full of crap than it needs to be... Oh, and at one point, YOU are made into his victim in court, Even better is the fact that Miles Edgeworth first appears here.

The next case has you defending Will Powers (An actor that Maya Fey is quite fond of) in a case of murder against someone that he also had no motive to kill. It turns out the victim was accidentally killed by the manager of the studio who has ties to the mafia in self defense. The victim was out to kill her and wanted to frame powers for it... for some reason that I don't remember. Miles Edgeworth actually helps you apprehend her.

The "last" case has you defending Miles Edgeworth in court from Manfred Von Karma, the "Prosecutor God" who wins every case he's on by forging evidence and other underhanded tricks. After a long and hard day, you need to find more evidence, and more you do find indeed. All that said, this also digs into a trial long past, case file DL-6, which led to many of the game's events to this point. DL-6 is the case of the murder of Miles Edgeworth's father Gregory, supposedly at the hands of Yanni Yogi (SP?) who was acquitted, but his life was ruined by it. So he framed Miles for the murder of... himself I guess, I don't remember who. Either way, you prove Edgeworth innocent and reveal that Von Karma was the one who killed Gregory Edgeworth. Damn.

There's another case after the end that I have yet to fully play through, but it's a... homage? to Turnabout Sisters (the second stage).


Story: 8/10 this is the second best part of the game, and while it has next to no replay value, it is well written and fun to look at! the only thing that stops it from being perfect is that most of your clients have no motive to kill anyone whatsoever.
Characters: 10/10 I LOVE all of these characters, and the ones I don't like are ones that aren't supposed to be likeable. Manfred Von Karma for example is fantastically done as a villain, and is just such a -censored!-. The banter between Phoenix and Maya is hilarious, and Edgeworth is a really good antagonist, and eventually a wonderful ally.
Graphics: 9/10 I honestly can't think of many problems with them, they're fantastic for 16-bit sprites. Did you know this game was on the GBA in Japan? Pretty great for GBA-level graphics, huh?
Music: 9.5/10 I can't think of any track in this game that I truly dislike. They all do their job wonderfully
Gameplay: 7/10 The gameplay is barebones and redundant, but it is very well polished, and I do enjoy playing it. That said, it's still very simple, but everything else is so good you won't even care!

Overall: 9.2/10 One of the best games on the DS (That I've played through)
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