A Strange Occurrence (A Date A Live RP)

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Sep 4, 2015
Between Grey and I only!

You know what's going on already. Just restart with new OCs. I'm using Oriko and Maki. You know the drill. Name, Angel name, etc.

Oriko got up, looking around. It had been five years since Tenguu City had been burnt down to the ground in a catastrophic fire, but he doesn't remember a single detail about what happened.

"Good morning, Oriko.." Maki smiled as he got up. The two walked downstairs, with breakfast already prepped.
After the two had eaten breakfast, they went off to school, where they went through with their day as usual.
Likewise, Oriko and Maki also started walking home. However, in the middle of their walk, a familiar sound rung in their ears.

"A spacequake!" Oriko called out. "We need to get out of here, hurry!" The two began to run, trying to find the nearest shelter.
Cyndra suddenly looked away.

"Do you, sense that?" She asked. Jacen shook his head before looking up.

"We need to run. I don't know where, but we need to run. Now." He said. The two quickly left her apartment, trying to get somewhere, anywhere.
As Oriko and Maki ran towards the entrance of the shelter, they noticed a strange swirl in the sky descend, blocking their path.

"Damnit! There's no way we're getting past that thing in time!" Oriko cursed as he stopped himself as well as Maki.

"I didn't want to do this yet, but it looks like we'll have to..." Maki muttered to herself as she pressed a button, causing Oriko, Maki, Haven and Cyndra to be teleported.... "
"What? Where are we?" Oriko asked in confusion, looking at his girlfriend, who was now in a set of Golden Armor.

"Welcome to the Fraxinus, Oriko, Jacen, Cyndra." Maki spoke to the three, motioning to a monitor showing the occurrence of a Spacequake. "For Jacen and Cyndra, my name is Maki Tamazaki. For all of you, I am the commander of this ship, which is owned by Ratatoskr."

"W-wait, Ratatoskr?" Oriko asked. "Who are th---"

"Ratatoskr is an organization dedicated to keeping the creatures behind these supernatural events, Spirits, from coming to harm. As we've learned, you and Jacen are instrumental to reaching this objective."

"Ok, and what do we specifically have to do with this, and why are you wearing that Cosplay armor?" Oriko looked at Jacen.

"It's simple. You two have a special ability, one that has so far not been seen in any other human being. As for my armor -- WHICH IS NOT COSPLAY ARMOR, DAMNIT!" Maki bonked Oriko in the head with steam coming out of her head before regaining her composure, continuing her sentence, "I, myself, as well as Cyndra, are Spirits. Not much is known about our existence, other than the fact that we have Astral Dresses, articles of clothing to protect us from our own energy, and an Angel, something like this." Maki manifested a longsword, pointing it at Oriko. The teenage boy backed down a little, slightly frightened by the appearance of the longsword.
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