A Light in the dark [Planning/Preview]

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Sep 7, 2015
A RP inspired and loosely based off of 1999 Lego Rock Raiders. Knowledge of the game is not needed

In classic Rock Raiders fashion the main crew has been teleported into the planet at an unknown location and cannot get reinforcements or assistance, contact to the ship has been lost and the area appears to have limited oxygen, the players are to mine out the area and construct an HQ, from there they will need to explore the area around them heading their operations into nearby caverns and other locations until they can up link with the ship.

This RP will follow the same ideas of the game, the only difference is that the players may act freely as this seems to be what the Rock Raiders (worker units) in the game do anyways, literally they have crap for AI, short cutting through lava and deciding that the ore for this support station should be the one on the other side of the cavern entirely...

The crew will begin in a small area, not much more than just a few tiles and there will be a number of walls around that can be mined out, after a few walls are down they can set up base and carry on mining.
After HQ is set up the crew will have to dig into a cavern where there will be a massive cavern, but there is only one way down, and communication with the ship was unobtainable. O2 will be permanently supplied to the caverns by the HQ's support station, though players will need to eat on their own. This Arc will of course have some monsters come along and give the players problems, they will also cause much more trouble than they do in the game as they won't simply die to a terribly placed storm-trooper tier shot that they walked into...
Why we can't contact the ship: Too far under the planet's surface, teleported to different planet [Not really important, just FAQ]
Things taken from the game:

Character equipment, we will of course assume everyone has a drill and is max lvl, this simply means you have a lot of equipment slots nothing more.

We will have access later on to the vehicles of the game, this includes the Transport Truck, the Mobile mining Laser platform, and the tunnel scout.

The monsters will be themed off the game, but nothing further than that, they way they act will be done by me (AKA the GM).

Your character can die, and Permadeath applies.

Character Sheet would be:

Training: [Driving, Piloting, Geology, Engineering, Explosive handling]
Equipment: Drill, Spade,  [choose 2: Spanner, Laser Gun, Pusher Beam, Freezer Beam (not Frieza)]

Characters all have the Drill and Spade naturally
You can have any of the Training, or even all of them, but they will dictate the game play and story so choose fairly to the group
Driving = Control the transport truck or Mining Laser platform
Pilot = Pilot the tunnel scout, or Tunnel Transport
Geology = Carry a scanner that will detect where there is, and isn't rock for the purposes of mining
Engineering = can repair equipment, namely buildings or vehicles
Explosive Handling = Exactly what it sounds like, now where was that nitro glycerin?

Ok, Ask me anything for this and I will gladly telly you, and as usual, let me know if you are interested!
Name: Balnazzar Deepwell
Gender: Male
Characteristics: Prideful, level headed, tries to remain calm.
Looks: Black clothing grey hair blue eyes.
Training: Explosive Handling, Piloting
Equipment: Drill, Spade, Laser Gun, Freezer Beam
My Character will be:
Name: Lukas Helix
Gender: Male
Characteristics: Luk has been born as a Miner and has known nothing that wasn't mining, He was an integral member of the initial team upon taking on the planet that the crew is on.
Looks: Wears a mining helmet and orange multipocketed vest with silvery colored undershirt
Training: Driving, Geology
Equipment: Drill, Spade, Hammer, Laser Gun

You can use that character, but it would be preferable if you were to have one more trained skill (training)
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