A Fan of Junji Ito? Then you might like this analysis I made


Blue Jacket
Mar 2, 2016
ky, usa
I recently uploaded an analysis I made on Junji Ito's Horror novel, Tomie where I go into what type of creature Tomie actually is. Since it's nvr clearly addressed in the manga, it's always been seen as a vague mystery for many. hopefully, this gives a clearer perspective on things. Spoilers, obviously.

Feel like reading some Ito stuff now. Haven't really picked up a manga since my library got Mermaid Saga in a year or two ago lol.
I've never checked out Junji Ito's stuff despite seeing bits and pieces of it being referenced in different medias, but my interest's been piqued from time to time when I watch analyses of his work out of curiosity (spoilers don't bother me much anymore so I will click whatever it is to know more about it). Guess I'mma crack open Tomie and go down the Rabbit hole too!
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