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So lately, I have been reading a ton of books because I want to see what I can learn from them. Aside from my self-help books (which I will cover, no worries), I have been reading many classics and movie-title books. I won't consider myself a bookworm by any sort and I don't read very fast, but I do have the patience of a saint when it comes to dissecting the material I am presented with. I am also reading many books to help my creativity since I feel that I've been lacking a bit, especially when it comes to role plays and other creative works. Plus, I stay up really late anyway, so I tend to read in order to help me go to sleep.

What this thread is about: In this thread, I will talk about the various books I have read (or currently reading) and give a detailed view of what the book is about. I will also talk briefly about the author and add some famous ideas that came from (or inspired by) the content of the book. Even if I am not finished with a certain book (chances are that I'm not!), I will talk about the current chapter I have read. I will try to make this fun and add small pieces of trivia to make this somewhat of an interactive thread that anyone can participate in. I will also accept any recommendations of other books! Please note that, as mentioned above, I am a slow reader, so your book might be a long way before I touch it.

Q: Will you read anything?
A: For the most part, yes! However, I tend to switch my taste frequently.

Q: What will you NOT read?
A: I will absolutely NOT read anything that stereotypes, discriminates, or makes fun of a certain group of people because of their: race, ethnicity, religious belief, political affiliation, gender, sex, color, and sexual orientation. I will also not read anything that has pedophilia in it. Trust me, there are BILLIONS of books out there to read, don't pick out the smut. I know when an author wants to explore these topics, but I also know when the author discriminates on them as well.

Q: Will you read manga too?
A: Yes! I will try to read some manga and give my personal opinion on each one I have read. Keep in mind, I will only read official translated manga, not fan-translations.

Q: What about 'Self-Help' books?
A: I have only read a few, but I will still put those down for anyone interested in them. I'm not a doctor, so I'm not the best person you should be asking for professional help.

Q: Erotica? :fan:
A: Oh, yes, daddy! :katlove:

Disclaimer: I WILL NOT HIDE SPOILERS. Why? I don't want to put a million spoilers for every little thing in every single post. I just want to write my view and see what you all think. Who knows? It might inspire you to actually get the book and experience it yourself. Anything that is NSFW will labeled to warn readers

Note: At the end of the day, this will be my opinion of how much I like/hate a book and the story it tells. My opinion should not affect yours. If you like a book that I don't, more power to you! You are free to discuss and ask questions but be respectful to your fellow peers.

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