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Your Favorite Video Games Commentators on YouTube


The Strongest
There were lots of players across the YouTube media in the reality of video games. The question is, what's your favorite commentators that you like to watched when they play a game(s)?


Blue Jacket
The only channel I'm subscribed to is MxR Mods. He features a bunch of Skyrim mods every week, among other stuff.

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
I LOVE a guy named Crit1kal (I think that's how it's spelled?) He's just super funny with his monotone voice.


Blue Jacket
Sp00nerism is the only guy I watch on YouTube. GOD he is the only one who can make unnecessary yelling and screaming funny. That, and he actually interacts with the community as much as he can.


Blue Jacket
my fave so far for retro is angry video game nerd or AVGN as he is also known as if he counts though his older vids are better then newer ones a bit:)