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Who would've won the final Chunin Exam tournament had it continued (Naruto)


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Had Orochimaru not interrupted then and there who would've won the tournament? For the sake of this thread, we're assuming per the rule that you win if you incapacitate your opponent that Sasuke has defeated Gaara as he was knocked out for quite a while before the Shukaku transformation. So it picks up in round 2 with Naruto & Sasuke battling it out in the first fight and Shino and Temari fighting in round 2. Who wins both and who wins the final? 

All combatants strength, speed and abilities are obviously as they were in the leaf destruction arc and we assume no fights are totally blood lusted but I suppose just a little less intense. Each characters general fatigue levels are also considered and the length between matches would be too with regards to how much they recover round to round.


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I have been binge-watching Naruto clips for the past two weeks (including watching full on, fillers included, battles on YouTube).
It’s an old thread, but I figure I throw my hat into the ring.

Had the exams continued without interruption and everything went smoothly, I think the finals would end up with Naruto and Temari/Shino.

Naruto had the summoning Jutsu and Kyuubi’s power, which the latter enables him to hang around with Neji and Valley-Arc Sasuke. Not seeing Sasuke (assuming no cursed mark?) nor Temari and Shino overcoming that mountain. :thinking:

Shino v Temari is a tricky one. Shino basically destroys if he catches you with my bugs, but I’m not sure if that’s effective if Temari can kick up winds to send them flying away from her. Hence why I went with either or for the final two.


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Well, summoning jutsu wold propel Naruto a long way but I believe it would've been against the rules to use no? Bare in mind to he didn't have a great deal of control of Kurama's power at that time, using as much as the first tail required a near death blow from Sasuke and even getting enough chakra out to change his appearance took Haku almost killing Sasuke and his survival instinct kicking in. Even in his fight against Gaara, Naruto was only in enough trouble to access some chakra. So I'd assume what he got out of his fight with Neji would be roughly his limit. Bare in mind also, he doesn't even know rasengan yet. Now, Sasuke as I recall in a full bloodlusted math could get the stage 1 curse mark out, but again this would not really be the case in these matches and even against Gaara that didn't happen, the mark just incapacitated him. So that said...I dunno about Naruto beating Sasuke. With the bit of Kurama's chakra he had he was able to counter Neji's rotation which is super impressive. Sasuke does have chidori but I don't see him using it on Naruto in this context. I do however imagine the speed boost he gets from being able to open the first inner gate at least lets him contend with Naruto's red chakra speed and if it became a close range taijutsu smack down the sharingan would've helped him a lot there. I'm like 50/50 on that though because power enough to straight counter Neji's rotation is a feat Sasuke probably couldn't have straight topped. Might depend on whether or not Naruto's chakra is depleted since he could only access 9 tail's chakra when his own reserve was out like it was vs. Neji and unlike Neji, Sasuke's attacks don't drain chakra. 

As for Temari vs. Shino, I'd take Temari ordinarily since he can blow away all Shino's bugs but her fight with Shikamaru left her drained to the point that she was running on piss and sugar even much later fighting Sasuke. Shino on the other hand didn't even have to fight so he probably is able to just wait on Temari wearing out and she'll get bugged I think.