What anime did you watched today?

An anime with a long name: Is It Okay To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
I'm currently watching the first season.
Way of the Househusband since it just came out on Netflix. The animation takes some getting used to (like a motion comic?) but the voice acting is great imo so I'm gonna keep watching it anyway
Yasuke, the Netflix Anime.

It was pretty disappointing, and didn't like the mechs and magic and stuff coming out of nowhere. Gues Afro Samurai continues to be the best black anime.
Realized that I posted it in the wrong thread :joy: Here's the animes I've watched.

Megalo Box Season 2

To Your Eternity 


SSSS Gridman Season 2

Lots of strong animes this season around
Caught up on 2 episodes of Summertime Rendering!!
It's so good I am having trouble not to instantly jump on the already finished manga!

Its a mysterny anime about a small town village, with DEATH AND LOOPS It's like its written for me LOLOL + production quality of the show is amazing too!

So if you like Higurashi type of series, do check it out!
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