Tropes You Hate [Anime Edition]


Harems. All variation of it.

"I just transferred to this class."

"My parents are away on a business trip, so I'm in this house by myself."

*Falls over girl, grabs boobies* Haha, funny, haha girl slaps, haha real fucking funny.

"She's my sister, but we're not blood related, so it's okay to do the boom boom and the bam bam."


"MC-Kun... I lov-"
*something interrupted them*
Haha... nothing.

Children with a couple years of training beating adults with decades of experience.

Beach Episodes.
Field Trip Episodes. Bonus Points if Field Trip Episodes leads to death/tragedy/stuck in a blizzard/forest/whatever. Bonus Bonus Points if the teacher is a pervert.
School Festival Episodes.
Training Episodes.
Hot Springs Episodes.

Comedy Relief Character that is loud and never shuts up. 

Those cicadas stock sound that goes ENNNNN EN-EN-EN-ENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNnn every damn second.

Female Characters having the biggest boobies in the world.

Ordinary High School Boy. Suddenly, he's important now.

Popular Female Character that nobody talks too. As soon MC talks to her, she's constantly inches away from his ding dong.

MC talks to a girl, all the men in his school now and had assaulted him for it.

Two characters have guns and are mere inches away from each other. Bullets hits the ground instead.

Main Villain is literally strangeling the MC with his bare hand and has a sword on the other. Throws him to a wall instead.

Post-apocalyptic style setting and the MC is the most friendly being on the planet despite there being chaos and mayhem all around them and gets surprised that there are bad people and traitors in such hard times.

Simulation-type animes where if people die in 'said game/simulation/arena', they die in real life. Everyone who makes an intelligent choice is dead meanwhile the MC fights for his harem/fwends, forgive the bad guy and mindlessly risks the life of his friends so he can look good. nah son.

Bad guys that talk too much.
Good guys that talk even more.

Generic 'New transfer student' chosen one.

MC has amazing skills, very smart, and the second coming of Christ. No one notices him until he wins a fight or does a backflip.

And I especially despise when an anime has absolutely... NO CONSEQUENCES for anyone's actions!!! I friggin hate it so much! Not everything is so black and white!

> scene happens and MC goes to a alleyway, doubles if the MC is the girl
> suddenly surrounded by 3 bad guys that always one tall dude, one fat dude, and one short dude that wants to rob, assault, kill MC for whatever reason.

The final form of a cool monster is basically a sexy dude in armor.
Whenever the show want to show how evil the villain is, they will make them do crazy face, giggling, tongue sticking out, fisheye lens, eyes narrowed, and over the top insanity talk.
Whenever there's an story that's slightly dark, the first thing included in the first chapter/episode is rape to show how "dark it is".
"I will have to use THAT" on a cliffhanger episode.
"If I use this, I'll die", they never do.
Character uses a move but it failed against that particular enemy: that move is never seen again.
"If you use this power, you will never be a fighter again..." they get better after a chapter or two.
Characters bullying a "loner" character that is clearly capable of toppling mountains and/or knew of their past.
The main character's entire movesets is just an small variations of the same move.
Entire plot comes to a screeching halt because it needed to spent time on ecchi moments.
Cool premise gets drowned out by boobs (Food Wars).
Children that only got 10 days of training is stronger than a dude with decades of training. 
Nearly all romance revolving gay characters is fetishized (Yuri on Ice is a notable example of recent memory)
Main Character is the weakest in the anime, everyone disrespect him, treats him like bottom tier, but his power is able to alter reality by will, so...?
Someone makes a parody of existing shows. It's automatically "edgy" and "deconstruction".
The show introduce an fairly powerful villain anything this show has ever come across, and would takes several episode. Gets taken out in the same episode it's introduced and done in the most uninspired way. Oh and that "villain" is never seen again.

Insane character saying some dumb cringe shit like "MY BRAIN ITCHES HEHEHAHAYEEKEKEK!!!"
Character is insane because of the 'small pupils and downwards camera angle' moment.
All insane characters apparently are bipolar and constantly on a trigger.
Insane laughter is high pitched and childish.
Crazy character acts like a child and thinks he did nothing wrong as he kills someone.
Smearing blood on their face with a BIG INSANE SMILE.
Insane character playing with the victim/dead FOR FUN.
Insane characters are usually almost always stupid and don't have any smarts other than "I KILL YOU. HEEHEE. FUN!"
Crazy character usually has a straightjacket, but is still able to run and fight WITH IT ON.
"I'm a psycho! What do you expect?! HAHA!"

The reason this bothers me so much is because I spent years studying criminal behavior and psychology for my certificate and for fun. Usually people who claim to be psychopaths or sociopaths have no idea what they are. Two, they don't know the difference between them, and three, they make it as if they are bipolar and do things THEY consider crazy. Guess what? Not all psychopaths kill. Not all sociopaths have bipolar breakouts. Not all killers laugh like school girls. Thank you Hollywood and anime for making these two dangerous afflictions funny and not at all serious.

It's so CRINGE.
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