Tropes You Hate [Anime Edition]

Right now I guess im having an overdose of those too high pitched overly active female voice characters...i cant handle those anymore :katcry:
Also when annoying characters don't get called out for their annoying behaviour. Makes the show really hard to watch imo haha.
:thonk: when the character has an ultimate attack that they trained for an entire arc for, only to not use it ever again in the next arcs that followed.
@"ShineCero" will know what I mean when I say the trope Myne from Tate no Yuusha/Shield Hero falls under.. xD and just plain bad miscommunication
Cowardly characters that stay cowardly for too long in a scene, gets annoying.
When the character have a point in their argument, but the characters completely dismissed it without a sound argument.
I personally hate characters that are 'insane.' Their definition of insane is spewing nonsense and shock factor to 'scare' the viewer or convince them into thinking 'Wow, this guy is nuts!' when in reality they are the funniest and ridiculous character in the entire story. It's so over the top and dramatic that I can't help but laugh. Here is an example of what I mean. How anyone can sit there and take this guy seriously is beyond me. 


Another trope I hate is the 'licking a girl's cheek to prove I'm a bad guy/rapist' despite doing horrible stuff to begin with.
You're telling me that you killing millions of people wasn't enough to tell me you're a bad guy, but the second you lick the waifu's cheek, that's crossing the line? c'mon, really? Where are the priorities?!  :wagh:
I hate the hacker-type of character that uses two clicks of a button to hack the White House.
I hate the hacker-type of character that uses two clicks of a button to hack the White House.
@Z , dude Betelguese in Re:Zero scared the heck out  of me, so i think his chara worked pretty well for me xD. Also check out the Caster from Fate/Zero he was scary in the exact same way, maybe even more xD

I hate characters that never explain to others the reason for their controversial behaviour. Just COMMUNICATE for the love of god. XD
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