Things that annoyed you in anime

Linkaden said:
Anime only getting 25 episodes
add to the salt when they rush the hell out of episodes 24 and 25 for an ending that isn't THAT bad, but you end up feeling very frustrated over avoidable/unnecessary things that are forced out
When they change a perfectly good opening, or when they dont change a bad opening halfway through. XD
I really don't like when 'smart characters' state the obvious to prove how smart they are. They also have a habit of knowing everything their opponent does but never tell their teammates and are shocked when someone dies. Just because a character says a couple big words doesn't mean he's smart, it means they are pretentious.
Characters that refer to themselves by third person to present themselves as either childish or cutesy and use this very grating high pitched voice. Maybe the intent is to make them annoying, but God it is just annoyingly unnecessary. I actually prefer it when dubs make them use "I" instead of their name and their voices are much more tolerable (except they kept that for Buu because haha Fat Buu haha fkgkfktkrk)

It's cringe in real life, it's cringe in anime and I hate it!!!!
Whenever a character is pouring out his emotions to another character, they say, in response, by saying their name sympathetically. Something like "Main-Kun....." in a whisper.

Drives me nuts.
Animes that feel unoriginal or copy and pasted. We get it you went to another world with some kind of stipulation, we get it the main character is OP from the start, we get it our main character was randomly chosen for the events of the series. i could droll on and on and on with this one
The treatment of female characters in a lot of shows. I'm not even talking about the fanservice this time. 
Their role is almost always supportive or their struggles are always related to sexual harrassment or other very sexist type of struggles, idk it rubs me the wrong way after seeing one too many of these type of shows lol.
Character A explains what's happening

Character B: "Huh? I don't get it."

Character A takes half an episode to explain it

BI every time
Characters that are completely useless in everything in the series. Especially if they're the main characters. I don't know what the hell happen, but I would've expect some kind of decent from the creators of Death Note. Yet, Platinum End (viewing the anime) is such a bored, edgy cringefest, that I questioned myself if Death Note was any good in the first place.
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