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The Uncharted Effect


The Strongest

critikal did a short play-through of a game where he reach to a point where he thought this part of the game was dull and uninteresting. However, because he stated something negative, he received harsh messages for it. Thus, it brought to another point of where a game that often considered the "best game ever" and when people disagreed or don't feel the same way, they're accused as a "bad person". This is something similar to Undertale where people were praising the literal sun towards the moon that it's the greatest game known to man kind and anyone that thinks the opposite are trashed left and right.

So what do you think when people attack people for simply not liking a particular game? Do you care when people don't like the game you like? Does games should be criticism equally regardless if they're negative/positive? 

Share your thoughts.

Grey Star

Red Jacket
I have a pet theory on this. It's that because a lot of media types are considered to be dull and unimagitve, music is endless pop hits that are based on on formulas, movies are recycled scripts and zombie franchises, and video games are violent shooters and are all under one name, Haloid Call of Battle.

So when something comes and impresses the people sick of the complaining and the endless sequels... They go insane finally feeling validated their passion dosent suck. And so they assume everyone who doesn't like it is either a zombie consumer of has no taste.

There's a comedy video called "Joining a Guild" by Nixxiom, which is a World of Warcraft Machina. In it a person loses his cool and goes all fanboy on a guy, with hilarious results.


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I know that when I see people putting their points of anger on some of the things I like, I immediately have the thought of anger, I am immediately pissed at that user, but I think and I make sure that I don't act like a dick, unlike the rest of the internet...

And yea Grey, that is basically a clear explanation on the subject. Also Grey, Haloid is not what you think it is, and probably shouldn't be on that tag... how 'bout Poke-fremium-app-hardcore-PVP-competition-of-duty LXXV

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I know what the real Haloid is I just need to watch it. But it fit for what I was going for. And I forget what video I saw this is, I think it was a game theory, but Winder Waker, considered to be one of the best videos of it's year and of it's series, sold only a third of the same year's sports game sequel. As such the people who prefer "critical" games that are new and considered "high art" compared to the "low art" of endless dull sequels live in the context I described in my first post. I couldn't find the video or the sales of the 2003 Madden game, but what I find is interesting is that they both received either perfect (LoZ) or near perfect (Madden) scores. Perhaps gamers, correction, people are snobs and reviewers actually understand the industry better then the populace.

They do, by the way.


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Critikal has a good point about this "Uncharted effect". However, whether he was just dropping movies in there for whatever reason is beyond me, but the problem goes way beyond games and movies, as well.

Probably throughout all of media is this a horrible problem. When the populous comes to like or hate something, they tend to dislike (or straight-up shit talk) people who think the opposite. It can even lead to people being labeled as things they really aren't. For example, as most of you might already know, I like Highschool DxD. I read the Light Novels because they're interesting and, frankly, much less fanservicey than the anime. However, people perceive DxD as a series FOR perverts (because of the anime, unfortunately), and thus, they label anyone who even likes it as a pervert. The same is also true with "PC Master Race" members (really PC Elitists) towards Console players and even NVIDIA and Intel fanboys towards AMD "fanboys" (if you can really call AMD lovers fanboys, considering they don't preach "OH ALMIGHTY AMD IS BEST INTEL AND NVIDIA ARE SHEET" save a few super fanboys). I absolutely hate that this sort of discrimination based on interest is a thing, but I also realize that there's very little that you can do, considering it's human nature, really.


The Strongest
There was another thought I had in mind for a good while. The more I read about a respective game that generated tons of hype, the more I began to see a rather "weird" common occurrence. 

Whenever criticism comes up on a particular game--especially if the topic is about friendships and rainbows--it will bring out the worst of people (Undertale, No Man's Sky, Uncharted 4 and bunch of others). This also extends to shows: such example is that of Steven Universe. Suich accusations I'll often hear is the typical:

"You're the worst! You just don't get it!"
"You're apathetic! How dare you!"
"You're *insert insults about whites here* who doesn't understand representations!"
"You're a monster!"

What ever happen to people simply not liking a game because it's not.. fun, unappealing, not interested or in their eyes, a bollocks of bad story-telling? It always steer to added an extra element of why someone doesn't like something in order to justified bashing.


Black Jacket
So what do you think when people attack people for simply not liking a particular game? 
Petty and rather obsessed with said game to the point of becoming emotionally distressed when someone does not like a game.

Entirely situational of course. Although this reaction seems to happen regardless if it's criticism without personally attacking people who like it or made to bait people into getting angry. Essentially the phenomenon of "fanboyism".

Do you care when people don't like the game you like? 
I shouldn't, but I admit I'll try and change someone's mind  :blush: can't force them to, but I like showing what makes the game fun for other people if they don't like it much. Sometimes I get a bit steamed up but then remember it really isn't worth the energy lol
Does games should be criticism equally regardless if they're negative/positive? 
I mean, it's gonna happen anyway, so why bother going against that? But a big problem I think is unfair kinds of criticism. Like Freak's example, some people will erroneously judge a game as bad or something based on things they hear/see secondhand. It's common to the point of being out of your awareness. We commit this even easier when media around us creates the effect of "overhyped" where it makes an even spit between people who overrate the work, and others who attack the work on the basis that it is overhyped and overcriticise it; when you take out the hype factor, people seem much more rational. But with things that become popular, it is close to impossible for it to not be called overrated by somebody. But if you're on the fence of "x is overrated," you need to stop and think, what makes this game appeal to so many people?


Blue Jacket
It is annoying seeing people like that in the comments. Die-hard fan-boys are the worst. Normally I don't mind simple shyt talk when it involves a completely dishonest review like IGN taking off 2 whole scores over water or HipHopGamer defending terrible game and shady dlc practices.
But when it comes to true honest reviews whether the reviewer didn't like it or not is completely ok with me. That's how they honestly see it and not everyone is going to like something the majority of the crowd likes.

Ex: Iggy Azalea is considered the number 1 rapper in the world. Millions of others agre. I believe "that sh*t is f*cking trash" and that she needs to stay off the airwaves.


The Strongest
Yeah. Some people clearly don't have the capacity to understand the differences between subjective and objective. A game cannot be objectively good. That's literally impossible -- and no amount of "majority opinion" will change that.