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Super Mario Bros. Z Rebooted!


Blue Jacket
a flash i watched almost a decade ago that was made by flash animator Alvin Earthworm has been rebooted; looking better than ever. not too many of you might have not of seen the original but it started on the flash site Newgrounds and when it first came out it was an idea that was joked about, but when it was animated with a decent story it really showed that Mario Bros. with a DBZ theme plot really works well together. watch it here to check out the reboot. also if you'd like you can also watch the original.


Grey Star

Red Jacket
Man I still gotta watch the originals.


The Strongest
Well, this got my hype. I was disappointed that the series never got a proper conclusion (I think that fans were threatening the creator to finished it and he got so annoyed by it that he'd simply quit). So, it's interesting to be rebooted into a more structure and stable series. Hopefully, I wonder what changes it'll take upon.