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Someone that Never Loses vs. Someone that Always Wins


The Strongest
Both of their abilities ("always winning" for one and "never losing" for the other) get into a fist fight.
Both of their abilities are reality warping hax.
Who wins the fist fight?

Grey Star

Red Jacket
Is it possible for there to be a way for one to win and the other not lose?

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
The guy who never loses would win this fight. It's word play.

The guy who never loses would win this fight. 
The guy who always wins would have won a loss. Theoretically, winning a loss is still winning something.

Next. :fan:


Black Jacket
It's a manipulation of semantics, is all, nothing super shocking. So I'll take that, and raise you with a manipulation of statistical probability!

For me, I think it's a draw since it's a death battle between 2 people who operate on absolutes. One guy always wins, so statistically, he has a 100% success rate and a 0% failure rate. The other guy never loses. Depending on where he decides to put his chances to the test, he has a 0% failure rate, but his success rate can fluctuate.

In a situation where no other participants fight, I think this one would end in a draw-- both of them definitely have a 0% failure rate. So if one decides to throw a max-power punch at the other who is throwing a max-power punch, they have a high probability of landing either a fatal hit or a KO-hit. The fact that the other guy has a theoretically non-100% chance of winning is negligible. So, they knock each other out, or they both die in that regard, resulting in a draw. (A 1 to 1 if you will).  And let's just assume one warps reality to make both of them go max power to settle this.