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Manga you wish to get an anime adaption?


The Strongest
Is there a manga that you're currently reading or have read, that you wished to have an anime or finished it's animated run?

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
Itsuwaribito (And if there is, lemmie know!)

It's a pretty interesting manga that pulls a lot of mind tricks and adds a lot of morals to it. Can lies still be bad even if used for good?


Blue Jacket
Fire Brigade of Flames

The manga is pretty new and only has about 10 chapters up until now, but I'm sure I'd make a great shounen anime with lots of action and an interesting story.


Green Jacket
Until Death do Us Part would be a really cool anime! Plus it's got loads of chapters so it could be long running. I haven't read it in a long while though, but it's a pretty action packed series, and the main character is almost blind or something like that. It gives me Gangsta vibes.

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
I don't know if it's an anime but I wouldn't mind seeing Wolfsgram (I think I might have misspelled it.) It would be a very brutal anime and I think it would be something I would completely watch! The manga itself made me so emotional.


Black Jacket
AKIRA needed a TV series rather than a film so that way it'd be able to cover much more of the manga. Though perhaps it's for the best that remains only a film.

IIt'd be cool if Smokin Parade got animated. But it probably needs enough chapters first. Lmao


Blue Jacket
I read Rumiko Takahashi's Mermaid Saga over last summer, that KIND OF was adapted, they made it in pieces and never finished it, but they need a new adaptation. Maybe an OVA series if TV standards still won't let them do it uncensored. I mainly want this because while I enjoyed it as is, I stress this is just a personal preference, manga as a medium just can't do it for me very well and that would be great to see animated.


Black Jacket
I got the nostalgia bug and binge read what I could find of +Anima again. 

It's from circa 2000, and guessing on how small my google results wereby googling the title alone, it seems to have never gained enough traction to spawn an anime, despite running 10 volumes worth of content. Perhaps it may have been a fantasy concept that was too early for its time (I'm sure if it was released more recently it would have won more fans over) when the genre was overflowing with content. I feel like it would have made a nice short anime or an OVA series of some sorts given the potential its concept had. Maybe it was just too obscure by then, when people who could partially transform their bodies was a common theme in that era of stories. I wouldn't truly know I suppose (2000-2004 was when anime was pretty popular I think, maybe not their mangas in comparison..)

I would sell my soul for a 2 season anime of Deadman Wonderland to retcon that mistake worth 8-10 episodes.


Blue Jacket
OMG +Anima is one of my most favorite thing ever! I want an anime of it so bad. Many of my OCs are animal powered mainly because of that manga.

Also, I'd love to see all of Junji Ito's work to be made into an anime. Though I believe the horror in his manga is hard to be replicated in an anime. What makes his story great is the amount of details. And somehow I doubt the colored blood and gore can beat the black and white.