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Dec 4, 2015
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Video game consoles have a come a long way since the first appearance of video games. We're already in the eighth generation! Some consoles were innovative and ahead of their time, others offered an unrivaled collection of fantastic games. Every console had a unique selling point.

So my question to you is: What's your favourite video game console and why?

And please don't turn this into a console war. Thank you.
I might be the minority here but I always loved the PSP; even moreso than the PSvita; especially when Birth By Sleep was one of my favorite games to played on it. :pimp:

However, my absolute favorite console? I gotta put my money with PlayStation Two; an fantastic library, so many great games you can play and it's even backward compatible with PSone games. :goood:
I really love the PlayStation 2 as well, it was my first "home" console. I have so many fond memories of playing the amazing games that were released for this platform: Final Fantasy X and XII, Kingdom Hearts I and II, Persona 4 and many more. That makes it my favourite console.

But both the PlayStation 4 and the Playstation Vita are catching up fast for a number of reasons.

The library of the PS4 is getting better every year, the UI is slick and the console is pretty fast overall, compared to the PS3.

The biggest advantages of the Vita are that I can play games comfortably in my bed and that I can play PSP games and PSOne Classics on it. It's kind of my "retro machine". I never had a PSOne, so I'm discovering all those "old" games for the first time and I'm loving it.

An honorable mention goes to the Nintendo DS: The software library is stellar and I had so much fun with it (and it's successor, the 3DS). But Sony/Playstation is just a tiny bit ahead.
Completely agreed. I might have some personal bias since Playstation was practically my console I always owned (aside from Sega Genesis), all the way back to the Original Playstation to the PlayStation 4. I'm hoping that Sony would support revisiting old games and make sequels of them; such as a new Legend of Dragoon game, an Arc of Lad game, Dark Cloud game and many, many more. Especially since PS4 are constantly getting new games every year, in a similar line of that of PS2; I'm eager to see what they have in store. I think because of the sheer amount of games, even with the PS3's awkward start, craters to me.

Originally, I mainly used the Nintendo DS series to played Pokemon; however, I gotten into other games since it has a massive library of games, especially that of RPGs genre (SMT is flippin' awesome).
my favorite console is the gamecube, it's either that or the gba i spent the most time playing

with the gamecube, my sister and i were young enough to enjoy playing games together, so i have a lot of memories of us playing smash together on it

we also loved kirby air ride, and that's a game i wish had a sequel

when i was younger, i used video games to cope, and the gamecube had a few of my 'comfort' games which are more than just 'favorite' games to me, they're not only my favorites but they were coping mechanisms for me. these games were smash, air ride, mario sunshine, and animal crossing, each of these games still give me a sense of security today
I am a huge fan of the Nintendo handheld counsels! Specifically the Gameboy Advance SP! I also love my Nintendo 3DS.
With the Nintendo Switch out and about, I say this is definitely one of my favorite consoles! So many fun games to play with, and with more coming, I can't wait for new Pokemon and SMT V!
The Nintendo Switch is definitely my favorite console so far! Granted I've only had a slim ps1 and ps2 and a DS to compare it to. xD But just the idea of being able to switch platforms and different ways to play the games is just so creative I can't help but love it! And I cant wait for more big name games to be added on the console!
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