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Favorite Final Smash?

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Nintendo's epic fighting game, Super Smash Bros! It's grown over the last couple years but the fights only get better! With all the characters introduced and all the final Smashes showcased, which one is your favorite? How often to you use the Final Smash? If you aren't familiar with ALL the Final Smashes, here's a useful video that can help you decide! The Taunts are also included!


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Favorites from Brawl:
-Captain Falcon (literally runs ur scrub ass over)
-Luigi's (weird as hell n I love it)
-Link's (I love the noise of the shattering)
My main is Pit, but I use Captain Falcon, Ness, and Link most esp for their smashes.

Favorites from SSB4:
-Still Ness, Falcon, Ike and Yoshi.

I don't play SSB4 at all bc why tf am I gonna buy an entire system for 1 game? Lol (and no way am I getting it for the 3DS I don't like the lines around a character at all)


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From a practical standpoint probably Giga Mac since I use little Mac a lot and transformation one's are more effective in my experience since they're harder to dodge. But Mega Man's has to be the coolest!

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I personally love Paulette since it's a giant black hole. I also love Ness/Lucas as well as Mewtwo's final smash.

A personal favorite since Brawl was always Ike.