Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

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Blue Jacket
This game came out November 2015....WHY IS IT NOT IN THE STATES YET!?!


3v3 combat with summoning stones
All Iconic Locations
Complete remixes of fan favorite theme-songs
Larger character roster than previous 2 games

MOTHER F*CKER TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!!!! I put more than 200 hours combined for playing both previous games!

Grey Star

Red Jacket
Tangent: This game makes me sad because I know a guy whose staring at the newest Trance Model of Terra and...

Always wanted to get into Dissida. Wanted a KH fighting game more. But it would've been nice. Just, they never released the games on a system I had.


Blue Jacket
ShineCero said:
It's in the arcades, so it won't be on the consoles until around this year or next :p

They will probably put in the main character of FF15 in there as well.

They are. At the original teaser it showed FF15 dudes walking into the world of Dissidia.