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Boogaloo Minecraft Server


Green Jacket
We need this. Like, now. I can't really set up a server myself unfortunately, but I might be able to provide a good map or two! We should all work to build a big city and make it our own. Give me enough time and res (Or creative mode) and I could make a Boogaloo city myself.  :p  Okay but all jokes and bragging aside, we should make a survival server and find an island to inhabit during the zombie apocalypse.

Suggestions from me:

1. Make it a custom world with plentiful mineral wealth
2. Build a huge welcome center around the spawn point and include the server rules in there
3. Have a castle for all the admins
4. Flatten out a HUGE area for the city!
5. Make streets with Cobblestone or Polished Andesite!

Suggestions from others: TBA

That's about it for now. You're all the best.


The Strongest
I know nothing of Minecraft and I'm pretty sure my laptop runs like shit. It can barely handle Heroes of the Storm. Though, I have no issue with this. Only concern is that the lack of definitive members can hurt it. If you can get enough people to join or come on to participate in this, then it can work. :thumbs: