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Best Games of 2016


Blue Jacket
So now that 2016 is over, Which were your best games of 2016? Preferably released in 2016 but if you played it in 2016 and enjoyed it that year then I guess it's fine to talk about it too.


The Strongest
No Man's Sky and Mighty No. 9 :maybe:

Joking aside, I have two games in mind of to be the best of 2016. Usually, when I play games—solid gameplay and fun-factor (which includes replay value) are the main reasons why I even put them on the list. 


Initially, I thought Overwatch would be repetitive, redundant and be dropped off the face of the earth in after a few months, in a similar situation like Battleborn.

However, Overwatch managed to prove me wrong about that sentiment. Not only Overwatch continues to be hilariously fun, Blizzard continues to develop tons and tons of content every few months to lively up the game. Seasonal events, missions targeting specific holidays, brand new characters, maps and much more. I also tipped y hats to developers to actively checked with the community and discussed the general opinions of the game in order to bring out it’s fullest potential.  I say, with full confidence, that Overwatch should definitely be a game for anyone to play.

Pokemon Sun

It's Pokemon. What's more can I say about it? Pokemon continues with another amazing game, with a story that's on par with of Pokemon Black and White. Character Development, the glorious cut-scenes, the new gimmicks and mechanics and much more. The only disappointing thing is the fact that the next game might be on the Nintendo Switch and they know Pokemon fans are going to buy that if it were to become true. :maybe: Looks like the supposed "Pokemon Killer" people hyped Yokai Watch to be, is nothing more than a "talk big, little game" deal after all :lmao:


Green Jacket
I bought several games that I haven't got the time to play yet  :argh:

There are only two game series (Fire Emblem and Pokemon) in 3DS that I'm crazy about, the rest are usually not worth mentioning. 2016 game I spent a lot time playing is Hyrule Warriors Legends, it's another Dynasty Warriors clone with Zelda characters. 

and Fire Emblem Fates.